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Financial benefits of going solar

Solar will save tens of thousands of dollars over its lifetime

All grants and tax credits will reduce your cost to go solar by over 55%

 26% tax credit from The Federal Government.

Grant funds between $2,000 – $8,000. This is free money from the state of NY towards your solar system.

Grant funds between $2,000 – $8,000. This is free money from the state of NY towards your solar system.

—- WHY 3rd ROC Solar


We Believe Solar Should Be Easy & Affordable


Many of our customers find value in re-purposing their monthly electric expenditure to a new solar power plant that makes free energy!  You are taking an expense (your utility bill) and creating an asset for your home. This is the difference between renting your electric and owning your electric without increasing your monthly expenditures.


9 Reasons to Choose Us

We understand your life is busy and that ease in both the installation process and how you get your energy is important to you. 3rd Roc Solar strives to make the installation process simple, fast, transparent, and informative – so you know what to expect. When choosing 3rd Roc Solar know that we handle all of the following:


01 – Professional Consultation


02 – We handle all paperwork


03 – Design


04 – Permits


05 – Inspections


06 – Interconnection


07 – Monitoring


08 – Warranties


09 – Service after the installation




Powering your Business!

Commercial Solar incentives make your investment in solar energy cash positive from year one!

The amount available for these grants is substantial but steps down yearly until it’s no longer available.

Federal Investment Tax Credits are the most important and impactful tool for making commercial solar an effective and efficient business. By leveraging this incentive, your business can significantly decrease your tax burden in the year your investment takes place.

The Accelerated Cost Recovery System is the current tax depreciation system in the United States. Due to Tax Reform, businesses now can deduct 100% of their investment in year one, rather than over a 5-year schedule.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Excellent workmanship! Great reps and wonderful to work with. Affordable and the savings are fantastic. Would recommend them to everyone!


Timothy Cox

Highly recommend! Steve was fantastic to work with from the moment I revived his call, he made it very easy to understand what was needed from me to help him get started, when we went over the design his price was half of what competitors were charging with a phenomenal design that fit my house and needs perfectly, He designed to put all of my panels on the backside of the house, it looks fantastic and Steve and his team handled everything with permitting and the energy company to make the process as simple as possible. If you’re considering solar give them a call!


Sam T

3rd ROC Solar has been nothing but professional. Stephen Reed does a great job, from helping to determine the correct size of the solar array for your home to making financing easy and seamless. Installation was a breeze, and the technicians really know what they are doing! Putting in solar at our home is something that we have been planning on for quite some time, but we would have done it much sooner if we knew how easy 3rd ROC was going to make it. Using the app, we are able to track our energy production daily and can be sure that our solar panels are functioning properly. Any time we have a question, 3rd ROC is only an email or phone call away. We hope to make back our money in a handful of years, then we will be getting a return on our investment! We highly recommend 3rd ROC Solar.


Andrew Corey

Areas We Serve

3rd ROC Solar is proud to be a trusted and affordable Rochester, NY solar panel installation specialist.

The coverage area extends beyond the city limits from the northernmost point of Ontario to Livonia in the south. Installation is also available as far west as Brockport and Greece, reaching through central neighborhoods like Pittsford, Rush, and Victor. To the east of Rochester, installation is available in neighborhoods like Canandaigua, Walworth, and Clifton Springs.

View all of the areas we service in the map below. If you are located in this area then we would love to talk with you. Call us today at (585) 218-0631

Ask Us About Our Referral Program

3-6 kW System – $250 Incentive

10-14 kW System – $500 Incentive

7-9 kW System – $350 Incentive

15-24 kW System – $700 Incentive


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